Andrew Ollerton

Dr Andrew Ollerton is a pastor and theologian who makes complex ideas simple and relevant. Andrew is author of The Bible: A story that makes sense of life (Hodder) and The Bible Course, a popular group resource published by Bible Society. Andrew is married to Charlotte and they have three kids, two fish, a snake and a dog!

Larry Hill

Having pastored in several local churches in Ireland, Larry continues to network and minister nationally and is involved in helping organise the “Summerfire Conference”. Since the early 90’s he has travelled extensively and ministered in Europe and Africa, as well as regular visits to Asia, especially China and India. Larry is married to Ruth. They have four children and eight grandchildren, and currently they live in Dublin.

Les Wheeldon

Les and Vicki Wheeldon began ministry in January 1979. They served first for 8 years in a pioneer situation in French-speaking Cameroon in West Africa. Since then they have pastored several churches in the UK and have for some years now travelled in many countries, including Cameroon, Russia, Singapore and the Canadian Arctic, preaching and teaching the Word of God. Les has written several books including commentaries and two daily devotionals. Les and Vicki currently live in Epsom, near London, U.K.

Dave Meeten

Dave lives in Wirral with his wife and two daughters. He serves as one of the elders at Longcroft Church and also works full-time as a Learning & Development practitioner in Liverpool.