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We start our morning session every day (except Sunday and Wednesday) with a Bible Study at 10am, this will be on the theme of the conference ‘Navigating the peaks and valleys from the vantage point of Romans.’ After the Bible Study we split into a selection of seminar sessions which cover a variety of topics and themes. Our seminars are dynamic and informative and all of them contain an opportunity for questions and answers. Seminars don’t run on Wednesday as we have a missionary focus so our morning session is given over to hearing a variety of mission reports and testimonies about how the Lord is working in different situations.

See below for the titles and description of the seminars we are running this year.

Seminar Descriptions

The ultimate goal of the believer is to live his or her life in a manner that pleases God. This is about the formation of character. It requires separation from the world and transformation by the renewing of the mind. We will not necessarily be aware of this change happening in ourselves; other people may notice more. This seminar will focus on the practical challenge of such living. (Romans 12:1 – 2)

As we grow in our walk with the Lord, He gives us gifts to empower us to serve Him. These will be a mixture of both spiritual and practical abilities. Our personalities will develop capacities to enable us to function in spiritual gifts. God gives many gifts to His people for the equipping of His church and the enlargement of His kingdom. In this seminar we will consider how we recognise and grow in the gifts that the Lord has given us. (Romans 12:6 – 8)

The Bible is very clear that as Christians we are responsible to obey the governing authorities that God has set over us. This covers many areas of daily living, eg paying taxes, rendering honour to those who rule over us etc. However, in an increasingly post Christian world, Christian values are being undermined so that believers are finding themselves at odds with those they should be submitting to. Here we will be discussing the tension between these positions and seek to find some clarity that will help us going forward. (Romans 13:1 – 10)

In God’s wisdom He has placed His people in a body. Just like a human body it is made up of many members with varying and differing functions. In such a body there is room for all with space to function and grow. Love is central in Christ’s body and where there is mention of gifts, they are always placed alongside aspects of character e.g. love, grace, humility, hope, diligence and others. This seminar will provide opportunity to discuss these aspects of our lives. (Romans 12:3 – 8)

In the latter part of Paul’s writing, he expresses his concerns about the relationships in the body. He speaks about the need of believers to walk carefully before one another. There are in any church those who could be described as being weak. Those believers who are mature are spoken of as being strong, and unless they recognise the need for them to be gracious and humble damage can be caused to a weaker brother or sister.  Issues in Paul’s day included eating meat that had been offered to idols, and keeping one day above others. These can be called stumbling blocks and can make believers fall. Hypocrisy is specifically mentioned in our day as being a major reason that people can be turned away from the Lord. This seminar will explore this important subject. (Romans 14:1 – 15:1)

One of the gifts that Paul especially writes of is the gift of hospitality. To be welcomed into someone’s home, is to be welcomed into their hearts. To be accepted and shown hospitality is a reflection of God’s attitude to us. Jesus has received us and we are to receive others. This is a very practical gift and those who demonstrate it are often hardly seen but their influence is great. We are all required to “distribute to the needs of the saints and be given to hospitality”. Let us discuss together the impact this gift can make. (Romans 12:13)

Down through the years there has often been a tension between evangelical churches and what has been known as the social gospel. In some cases this has resulted in a loss of social activity for fear of losing the great truths of our salvation. Paul encourages us to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty. (Romans 12:20, 15:26 – 27, 16:2) Throughout history many of the great social reforms in our land were initiated by Christians. This seminar will seek to raise and discuss these issues with some scenario-based discussions from living on a council estate in Worcester and encourage us to engage with this tension by looking at the example of Jesus when He says ‘Come and see..’ in John 1:39.

Ever since the church was born on the day of Pentecost it has been under threat and attack from every side. Today is no different although it may be less obvious. It is important to recognise where the attack is focussed and how we must be prepared to be engaged in the battle. Paul warned us in his day that the threat to the churches was as much from within as from without. In this seminar we will consider these important matters and how we can keep the church safe. (Romans 16:17 – 18)

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