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Children, young adults and crèche

All children are welcome to their different groups this year where there will be lots of fun! We are looking forward to a great week where we are trusting the Lord to be amongst us, speaking and blessing the children and the teams working with them.
Jelly Tots - under 36 months

Jelly Tots is a crèche for babies and children under 36 months. It takes place in the Annexe Dining area on Sunday at 10.30am and Monday to Friday at 10am.

Sunbeams - ages 3 to 6

Your little children will love coming to Sunbeams!  We are meeting in The Lodge Meeting Room 2 and there will be lots of fantastic toys, games and crafts. Truths from God’s Word are brought to life with engaging stories and songs.

Sunbeams suits infant children ages 3-6, from nursery until they leave school year 2. Registration is essential for each child. Sessions run each morning from 10am until 12.30pm. Please be praying for our super team and our smiley Sunbeams of 2018.

If your children are in junior school (that is, have finished year 2 and are not yet in senior school) we would love to see them in Searchlights.

Searchlights - ages 7 to 11

We meet every day in The Lodge Meeting Room 1 during the morning session for a fun-packed programme:

Bible Stories, singing, team challenges and drama before our break. Then, divided into 4 activity groups we have a choice of: Sport, Craft, Table Games and Games Challenge.

A wonderful team of helpers helps us look after your children. Do let us know well in advance if your child has any additional needs and we will see if we can provide the necessary support for him/her.

Don’t forget that it is essential that you register your child/children when you bring them on the first day. We need to know how to contact you, should the need arise.

Searchlight Plus - ages 9 to 11

If your child is 9 years old or over, we would also like to invite him/her to Searchlights Plus, held Sunday to Thursday evening from 7.30pm to 8.45pm. This meeting is designed for the older children who are interested in worship, prayer and learning more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Please note that we allow children to come to this meeting without registering, which means that although we will look after them while they are with us in the tent, we are not responsible for them otherwise.

You can find Searchlights in Lodge Meeting Room 1.

Youth - ages 12 to 18

Worship, interactive Bible studies, dynamic preaching, an outing and BBQ are just some of the things you can expect. The venue is the Meeting Room in Quinta Hall on the ground floor.There is a programme designed especially for youth, which runs throughout the week. We have a high energy start to the mornings which includes games and activities followed by a meeting and then small group discussion. The evening is a time of worship and God-inspired preaching. We encourage participation in all our meetings.

The first meeting of the week is on Sunday evening at 7.30pm. If you have finished year 7, then this is the place for you! Those who have finished year 13 should be heading to the main meetings. Look out for the Tuesday afternoon youth outing and Friday evening BBQ. Time and costs will be announced during the conference. Parental consent forms are required for participants.