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New Life Conference is a family friendly Bible believing conference held each year at the Quinta Christian Conference Centre, near Oswestry in Shropshire. We started meeting annually over fifty years ago and more information about our history can be found here

Our Vision

The trustees confirm that the ministry of the Holy Spirit which was first imparted to us, lies at the foundation of the current ministry and teaching of the New Life Conference, and will continue to do so. This ministry expresses a biblical understanding of the new covenant, new birth and baptism in the Spirit that results in sonship, new life, freedom from sin and holiness of life.

The meetings, where possible, will include an open time of worship and the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. During these times of worship and ministry it is envisaged that men, women and young people will come fully into the life of God.

Knowing Jesus

To continue to explore the truths of the New Covenant and to facilitate the genuine experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and new life in Jesus Christ.

Building Faith

To encourage and equip believers to live in the fullness of our new life in Jesus in the context of our modern world.

Serving Others

To serve and support missionaries and to challenge one another to a life of sacrifice and service.


New Life Conference is held at the Quinta Christian Conference Centre, near Oswestry in Shropshire. Quinta has been our home since 2018 as we previously held the conference at Rora house in Devon. Whilst the location of the changed, the ethos of the conference remains the same.

The Quinta is a 280 bed Christian Conference Centre in a beautiful 50 acre estate in North West Shropshire, located in unspoilt countryside close to the Welsh border. It is however easily accessible from major road and motorway networks to the North, Midlands and Wales.

Quinta offers residential accommodation for up to 280 as well as camping and caravanning. There is a swimming pool with sessions bookable during the conference. Alongside the swimming pool, Quinta offers facilities such as the sports field – volleyball net & football pitch, disc golf, walks, low ropes, fields, lake and woodland, plenty of space for wide games, seating for quiet times and campfire areas. There is also a small gift and sweet shop.

More information about the Quinta Christian Conference Centre can be found here.


Meetings for all ages are held each day, our meetings include open worship, prayer and the ministry of God’s Word. During the conference our programme includes bible studies, prayer meetings, missionary reports and seminars.

The full schedule for our meetings is available here.

Recorded material of previous years’ conferences are available on the listen pages of our website.

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